Sunday, February 24, 2008

Closing out AWMA

Closing a show can be tough--but it can be fun and relatively painless, too. The Rule of Thumb that it takes half the time to tear down that it took to set it up really does work. If we hadn't to have waited for crates we would have been finished in 3 hours (it took 6 hours to set the booth).

Things to remember on the down:

1. Call the driver before he or she gets to the hall to pick up your shipment.
2. When filling out the Bill of Lading (BOL) be sure to be literal--stick labels as you pack and count (and count again) as you fill out the bill. Be sure to note if the shipment is prepaid and, if it gets forced (your driver doesn't show up before it has to be moved off the show floor), whether you want it held or shipped by the general contractor on their carrier.
3. Fill out and sign the I&D time card with the lead. If you use general contractor labor, be sure and walk the lead to the desk to close out.
4. Don't forget to turn in your lead machine.

Oh, that was 4, not 3. I thought I thought in 3s?

A good show with some solid leads for the client.


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