Saturday, September 20, 2008

Effectvely using premiums and giveaways

How do I use premiums to my best advantage at a show? Should I have more than one kind?

This was a question posed to me at the AAF-Abilene regional seminar yesterday. The questioner was concerned that have a bowl of giveaways was just playing to the general "lookie-loos" at a show and a waste of money. While she admited that they needed to have those items for the show crowd, was there a better way and how could it benefit their efforts to be at the show.

My advice to her was to consider having three levels of giveaways for her booth visotrs:

1. The general, cheap stuff
2. A step up for warm prospects
3. Something really good for those really important clients

The general, cheap stuff could be a bowl of candy or those sticky bugs with a ribbon with your company name. Something that is cheap and satisfies thaose who want to have something in their bag to take home (these are big at education and school board shows).

A step up is a little nicer gift: coffee mug, coaster, nice pin. Something that you give sto someone who asks a question, completes a survey or generally imparts some information.

The third level, something really good, is kept out of sight and only given to those prospects that really could deliver an order or sale. A nice clock or desk accesory. Maybe you've been expecting them and want to recognize them. At any rate, it shows them you think they are special.

Lesson Learned: scale and plan your giveaways as traffic builders.


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