Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting answers to your questions

Recently a client asked her incumbent exhibit house a simple question and got the runaround. I'm still not sure why.

The question she asked was for a set of set up or construction drawings. She is adding a graphic to a backwall of a booth she has in her warehouse and needs the dimensions of the wall for her graphic vendor.

The reply to her request was off-putting and cryptic--no, they didn't have any drawings and the sent her the space layout for a long-past show. No help at all.

Now, why the constructor of an exhibit doesn't have assembly or engineering drawings is beyond me. How did it get built? How is it assembled by the I&D crew? Could it be because they weren't being asked to produce the new graphic that they were being evasive? Hmmm.....

There is absolutely no reason my client shouldn't have gotten a set of drawings. She, after all, owns the booth. As it is, she is now having to be inconvenienced by pulling the wall from the crate and measuring it by hand. This involves forklift drivers, time, travel, etc., etc., etc.

Lesson Learned: you own the drawings, designs and electronic files and all that comes with your booth. be sure to ask for it or an explanation of why you don't or can't have it. Be straight with your vendor and have high expectations.


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