Sunday, April 18, 2010

Putting Together an Exhibit from Stray Pieces, Part III

We have the basic structure and a plan. Now we need to wrap the pieces up so they look good.

One of the challenges is the design of the graphic panels and how they interact with the hardware they have to fit around. The design of the graphic features some photos and a brand-driven colorful design element. A catch phrase has also found its way into the design.

We engaged FSD in Denver to produce the fabric graphics and Zachry Associates of North Texas to do the design. Careful measurement and coordination is key, along with buy-in from the client on brand direction. The interim sheathing of the booth structure was done electronically to simulate what the finished product would look like.

The next step will be to marry the finished graphic to the frame before it is packed and shipped to show site. Given that we have only one work day to assemble this exhibit and install the technical demos, we know we have to stage all the pieces and parts correctly before they arrive on show site.

One of the critical challenges was fitting the monitors for the demos onto the structure so that they didn't obviously interfere with the graphic design.

Tune in next week as this "loaves and fishes" exercise continues.


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