Monday, May 12, 2008

Using literature effectively at a show

It never fails. The client wants to bring all of the brochures and collateral the company has on its shelves to a show. While the printed word in a 2-D form is a great supplement to an effective trade show, it can also be a distraction or a detriment. Three things come to mind when literature becomes involved with a trade show:

1. Handing literature to a client says "goodbye."
2. Extra, precious resources (money) is spent on shipping literature.
3. Literature makes a great follow up mailing after the show.

Saying goodbye. When a staffer hands a brochure to a visitor, it usually means the visitor has asked for it or the staffer is politely saying the conversation is over. It can also be a crutch for your sales staff, particularly those who choose to pass out giveaways and literature, rather than talking to or qualifying visitors to the exhibit.

Shipping. In my experience, I've seen the same literature shipped out that was shipped into the show. Why spend your valuable budget on shipping literature that may go unused?
In addition, it also takes up valuable storage space in the booth during the show.

Following up. Since you want an excuse to contact your tracked and untracked leads after the show, why not use the opportunity to send them that brochure with a promise to call them?

Lesson learned: brochures and your time are valuable. Use them wisely.


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