Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In praise of rental booths

I admit it, I'm a convert. I always thought you had to own a custom booth to be a big player. But with the pressures of financial performance a daily reality, having a quality image on the show floor has to be rethought. Enter the rental custom booth.

There are three reasons I like this concept:
1. I can just pack my stuff and walk away at the end of the show.
2. The pricing is predictable in that I&D, drayage, and rentals (structure, carpet, pad, funishings, cleaning) are combined in a single contract (that is, if you use the general contractor as I did at this most recent show).
3. It can be repeated and works well for programs of four shows or fewer.

While it ain't the latest in design, for a tech company or a company with a conflict or reduced budget, this can work very well. While it is a compromise in some areas, it is workable and delivers the messages that are critical for the client: those related to product and about how serious they are about cost containment.

Lesson Learned: judicious choice of vendor and display can result in immense cost savings and improved ROI.


(thanks to Freeman Decorating and Retalix)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tradeshow Guy. Nice plug, and I think you're right about rentals. They will only get more popular as the economy makes TS Managers and Event Directors look for single use, and more economical solutions.


Anonymous said...

Being able to rent trade show booths is great.