Thursday, July 2, 2009

The convertible exhibit

Trade show program properties many times are engineered to do double or triple duty. That is, can your properties be set in multiple configurations--10x20, 20x20, 30x40--while still maintaining the look and feel of the brand and the company?

A variation of this is a property that can be configured and shaped into different sizes and appearances to support multiple clients. Our friends at Smalley & Associates in Dallas have a custom rental property that we'll use here as an example.

The booth was originally built for a client in the industrial power control business. The kiosks and graphic spaces featured the brand and products in multiple configurations.

The same properties were also proposed for a client in the security equipment and monitoring business.

While the offerings are quite different, the basic booth allowed for demonstration and client-staff interaction (the key to effective sales and marketing). The structure was modified with vinyl and/or graphic treatments to give it the look of the renting client.

The point of this case is to, as an exhibitor, be thinking of how you can direct your exhibit dollars by either having a versatile exhibit built for you or how you can rent someone else's booth and configure it for your purposes.


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