Thursday, July 9, 2009

From Paris Air: is customer service dead or on life support?

Our colleague just returned from the Paris Air Show with a story that, in this day and age, is a bit unbelievable. But given our source, undeniably true.

Having hired a limo service for cars (for execs) and a bus (for staffers), it seemed that all was going well. the execs had drivers who were on time, knew their routes and spoke when appropriate. The bus, however, was quite a different story.

The first day, the driver not only arrived late, but shut off the bus. Doing that caused further delay in that it couldn't restart without a lot of gut grinding. Finally started, the driver proceeded to take the freeway to the show, causing further delay. This set of circumstances couldn't go without a call to the limo service contact.

Even with the call, the second day the same driver showed up (did I mention he lacked English-speaking skills?), again stalled the bus and had to have a second bus called for back up. More complaining and not a real clear conclusion.

Fortunately, the execs were immune to these problems.

The remainder of the show went smoothly. It's hard to say whether they will be used again.


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