Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Putting Together an Exhibit from Stray Pieces

We coming up on 60 days before our next show and my client an I have a challenge: finding an exhibit.

My client's problem is common: every few years on their show schedule there is a conflict between two major shos. Both demand the use of the custom properties, but one market prevails.

One way to deal with it would be to ship the exhibit between shows (from site to site). However, in this case, one show ends in New Orleans on the 7th and the next one opens in Vegas on the 9th. Too little time to ship too much and still get it down and up.

What else can we do?

Take a look at what properties you have in your invetory. Can you piece together parts to make a workable exhibit?

Can you rent something that fits your needs and doesn't compromise your brand?

Both are viable, but we are choosing the former. We have enough, but may have to build to add to the inventory.

I'll keep you posted in this space on what transpires between now and when the NEw Orleans show opens on May 6.

Stay tuned. What would you all do?


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Jeff & Melinda said...

Both are good options and both have plusses and minuses. Renting gives you a great opportunity to adjust to a different size space and (if planned properly) could lower the overall operating expenses (drayage, shipping, etc) - but you'll likely have to produce some new graphics.

Using what you have is great because you are leveraging existing properties you've already purchased. There will be some expenses to re-configure the exhibit but they shouldn't be too horrible. The potential downside (in my mind) is that this could look like an "after thought".

Maybe a hybrid of both existing properties and some rental is the answer.

Keep us posted!