Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thinking Ahead

It may only be June, but that October show is only a few months away. Is it on your radar yet? Have you thought about:

  • The ship date?
  • Which exhibit you are going to use?
  • The deadlines to order services?
  • Pre-show promotions?
  • Key customers who will be at the show?
  • If you bought space?
  • Did you make hotel reservations?
  • When is the badge deadline?
  • Are you hiring any subcontractors?
  • Do graphics need to be revised?
  • Will you be holding a hosted event on site?
  • Are there any conflicting shows on your schedule?
  • Will your executives be expected? Is it on their calendar?

Just make this list and start to think about it. But not too long--the show opens in only 90 days.


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