Friday, July 16, 2010

Location, location, location

Do you know where your exhibit is placed in the hall of your next trade show?

As the real estate folks always say: location, location, location.

Where you are in the hall impacts just about everything concerning the set up and configuration of your booth:

  • Whether you can have a hanging sign (if you have an island booth)
  • How you will place elements and demos within the space
  • When you can move in
  • How you might conduct business in the booth

Consider the following when you look at a floor plan:

  • Traffic flow: which way are people turning and walking when they come in the hall?
  • Where are your competitors?
  • Are you near food or otehr services (rest rooms)?
  • How high is the ceiling?
  • Where are you in relation to the dock doors and entrances?
  • Who is in the booths around you?

Hanging signs are determined by ceiling height and other considerations. If you are planning one, be sure and understand the rules.

The choice to place and conduct elements is based upon lots of things: which side of the booth has the most traffic? Is there a slow side of the booth? What does the structure allow for?

Targeted move-ins are based on where an exhibitor is on the floor. For example, if your booth is number 1685 and booths 1400-1800 move in on Sunday at 8 am, that's when your truck should arrive and when you should schedule labor.

Depending on traffic and competitor location, where will you place a demo or graphic? Who will you have in your booth at what time during the show? What do you want your your competitors to see (or not)?

Lots to consider.


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