Friday, May 22, 2009

Laying and labeling cable

At the recent NACStech show, my first task was laying cables for the in-booth network. While at first, this seems like an easy task, it can be complicated.

Trust me.

While I could just as easily had the cables lay down next to electrical cables, the CAT 5's were needed in specific places. Several rules are to be applied in this process:
  • Have a clear map of where cables are to go.
  • Label each cable on each end (1A, 2B, et al).
  • Run redundant cables in case of failure.
  • Tape the cable flat to the floor so that are flat under the pad.
  • Lay the pad directly over the cables. Notch if they are too bulky.
  • Be sure and pull all cables through the pad and carpet as it is cut.
  • Be sure and pass all cable ends through cabinet access holes.
If you do all of this beforehand, you are less likely to have to "fish" a cable after the carpet is laid or have a cable fail during the show.


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