Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Field Report from AWWA

Our colleague, Rick Rackow of EBAA Iron, just completed the American Water Works Association trade show. Here are some of his observations of this year's show:

"Show attendance, according to AWWA, was down only 3% to 6%," he said, "which was surprising."

"Our (EBAA's) traffic was light, considering past shows," Rick reported, "but the traffic we had was of high quality. Many other exhibitors reported the same, while very few said it was (bad)."

While attendance was low overall, some people here (at the show) try to find one cause, Rick said, "I feel it was more of a combination of all causes (economics, etc.)."

Thanks, Rick. Sounds like a theme from others reporting from other industries' shows: lower attendance, but higher quality leads (more buyers). Attendees are becoming increasingly selective.


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