Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reporting from the field: using a show to full advantage

Our colleague, Sheri' DuMond, of Pacific Biometrics Inc. (PBI) is on site at the AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) National Biotech Conference this week in Seattle. She will report for us as time permits.

Before things get started tomorrow, Sheri' told us this as she and her colleagues prepared to staff the exhibit and attend the show:

"The show starts Sunday and will be good" for business, she reported. "We're hosting a lab tour and open house Tuesday," she continued. There are a good number of people pre-registered for the tour. "(Our business director) has several appointments and I have a major client dinner Tuesday night" at a local high-end restaurant.

Several good ideas floating here:
  • If your facilities are located in the show city, offer up a tour. Great way to show off your capabilities first hand and show off the staff, too. Also gets the staff involved and understanding of the sales process.
  • Customer-only dinner. Again, in your city and you get to keep them captive for a few hours and show them a good time.
  • Planned ahead. Pre-registration is a great idea to gauge interest and control the guest list.

Thanks, Sheri', we look forward to more reports from the show.


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Sheri' said...

It is important to be pro-active when going to a show and take full advantage of being there. It is a time to get people out and connect on all levels. This can help cement the relationships. We try to make breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings. There are times during breaks in the meeting to also meet.