Sunday, August 2, 2009

A colleague reports: Why Exhibit at Trade Shows?

Our colleague, Linda Musgrove, AKA the Trade Show Teacher, posted a recent video on YouTube. In it she outlines the top reasons to attend trade shows:

  • Reach prospects. It's the best way to reach more prospects for fewer dollars
  • Face-to-face interaction. You can learn more from people in less time meeting them in person.
  • Showing off products and services. Your suspects/prospects/clients and touch and feel your products without having to visit a site or factory or have a sales person call.
  • Gathering leads. Hey, you get to collect more leads in a shorter time.
  • Develop relationships. More time with people means you know them better.
  • Scoping out the competition. The show floor is great for this: see your competitors and their presentation within a short distance of your own.
  • Media exposure. The trade media and popular press will be at the show and you can get their attention.
  • Market research. Learn more about your market and industry in a shorter amount of time, See new products, get real-time opinions from clients or prospects (or industry insiders)

Thanks, Linda, for this good information.


Linda Musgrove is The Trade Show Teacher,

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