Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preparing the Staff Before a Show

We've been gearing up for this show for months now. Things are all in place for a successful show. Did I forget anything?

Does the staff know all they need to know?

This process actually starts long before we all arrive at the show. There are a series of things to do with the staff to make sure they all know what's going to happen leading up to and at the show. The tool I've used the past few years is a process that involves a package referred to as "show notes" and a series of meetings and communications (e-mail and phone). The centerpiece is a memo that, in PDF form, goes out to the team periodically prior to the show in 6-, 3- and 1-week intervals. This package includes:

  • Show hours, days and dates
  • Set up days and dates
  • A list of the team members attending and who's in charge
  • Date and time for booth staff meetings
  • A floorplan of both the hall and booth
  • A list of demos and in-booth activities
  • Expectations on lead gathering
  • Key customers who will attend
  • Instructions on what do do with media
  • Hotel confirmation numbers
  • Ground transportation options
  • Contact information for on-site team members

Anything else isn't left to the imagination: team members are encouraged to contact with questions (and they do). I am fortunate to have a crew who knows me and the drill, so our shows go off as planned (usually).


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