Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Attention to Detail

Are the lights the right color? Are the monitors paired correctly? Is that graphic hung right?

It is the devil--details are, that it. It's getting close to show time and it seems time and motion slow down while the clock is spinning. The first day of set up with the major structure going up went quickly. Now, all of the detail work, seems to slow things down. A few details to consider:
  • Graphics--are they mounted in the right locations and correct?
  • Carpet--seams straight? Cuts from previous shows hidden?
  • Booth structure--chips covered? Panel seams aligned?
  • Other parts--fabric steamed and without wrinkles?
  • Reception counter--stocked with pens, paper, staples, mints?
  • Staff support--do you know where the rest rooms are? Meeting spaces?
  • Other booths--competitor's, partner's booth locations relative to your location?
There are tons of other things to add to this list. Let's start with this today. More later.


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