Sunday, July 13, 2008


Where do you keep your exhibit when it isn't being used? Have you budgeted for the cost to store and handle your booth between shows?

Most of us overlook this less-than-trivial expense when planning our total cost of program budget. No matter the size of your booth (or booths) you need to consider where it's going to live when it isn't either on the road or at a show. You can store you exhibit in one of several places:

  1. An exhibit company
  2. Your own warehouse or office
  3. Another third party
A really good choice is an exhibit company in that they know and understand exhibits. However, this will be the most expensive as they will charge you not only to store the booth and other things, but they will charge you every time your goods are touched (either to ship in or out or inspect and repair).

If you choose to use your own office or warehouse, make sure you have adequate space or a way to handle it. If you use the company warehouse, will the warehouse manager charge your internal budget to store it? Do you need a forklift or a specialist to handle it? Do they understand you need access to it at anytime and do they know how to handle it so it isn't harmed?

If you have a third party who can help you (printer, trucker, I&D company, premium supplier), do they understand the same perimeters--access, handling, care? What will they charge you and how much?

You need to consider the following when choosing a place:

  1. How it will be stored
  2. The cost to store
  3. How it will be handled and cared for
How and where your goods will be stored is important in that humidity, heat, cold and security play a role in how long your exhibit will last. Do you have your own area in the storage facility? Do you have access?

The cost to store takes on many forms: Are you chaged by the square or cubic foot or the "rack". Are you paying for more than the physical space your booth occupies? Are you charged for in and out as well as other types of handling?

Handling and care encompasses who and how your goods will be touched. Do you have an assigned warehouseman or person? Is inspection and periodic repair something the storage place can help you with?

Lesson learned: Choose how, where and with who you store your booth carefully as it can hit your budget in a large way without proper planning.


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