Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The small stuff: staging freight

From time to time there are small, detail items that help save us time, money, effort or all three. One of those small things we should sweat is staging freight.

If you arrive at show site before your work starts and before your freight is unloaded, you have a great opportunity to stage your crates and your shipment. By placing the crates and goods around your space before you start set up, you'll be putting hings where they can be unloaded with the most efficiency. Be sure to think about:

  • Your detailed manifest and floor plan
  • Where the no-freight aisles are
  • Where your electrical and internet connections will surface in the booth

By having the manifest, you will know what crate (by number) has which items (walls, headers, workstations). Couple this list with your floor plan and you'll know where to place them so the I&D team can move things with the least effort. Make sure you know which way doors open and swing.

Don't put things in no-freight aisles. You'll just end up moving them.

Knowing where electrical and internet terminate in your booth will make rolling out the pad and carpet that much more efficient. Bring a market and tape measure and work with your lead person and electrician to make sure it is clear where things are.

Lesson learned: plan ahead to save your head.


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