Monday, February 2, 2009


While it may seem like a pain, getting, managing and controlling badges for a show is really a critical and important task (duh!).

All of your staffers need credentials. You need to remember things from this list as you prepare for and hit the show floor:

  • Know the allotment given you by the promoter of the show. At the NACStech show, it's 2 badges per 10x10; so our 20x30 yields 12 badges. Beyond that, there is a charge.
  • Know how to get the badges assigned. On line? By fax to the organizer? And have a complete, correct list.
  • Make sure you are the one who can make changes and are the assigned administrator. That is, if you are the one going to the show. Otherwise, you need to designate someone who is at the show to do this.
  • Get your badges to your staffers in advance, if at all possible.
  • Treat your exec's badges like gold. Hand them to them in person, if at all possible.
  • Take all of your allotment. Assign names to every badge, even if you won't use them all.
  • Keep track of all badges. If someone leaves the show early, snag their badge and use it to get in a late comer or guest.
  • Be sure and not forget your media and other support vendors.


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