Monday, February 2, 2009

Extending the brand, part II

Here's an update on the Aviall trade show booth branding exercise.

The latest is the addition of a formerly blank booth backwall being treated with a new graphic. This tone-on-tone vinyl image reinforces the Aviall "box" image and graphic look.

This image is used in trade adverting, on the website, in collateral material, on smaller exhibits and on their company trucks.

Aviall, to its suppliers and end users, is know as the "box the parts come in." As we have discussed before, this multi-billion dollar unit of The Boeing Company does not manufacture anything. Rather they warehouse and distribute parts to airlines, manufacturers and repair depots around the globe. The box is really their image and their logo is simple and very recognizeable in the various industries they serve.

To put this image into perspective, this is the back wall of a metric 20x20 conference room that sits on a 30x30 space. Here are some images from last year's show.

This is the front of the same booth (shown here in Houston) that will be used in Anaheim in 2009.

Note the blank back wall which will now feature the graphic shown above.

The best thing you can do for your brand is to use it across the spectrum of your marketing program and consistently.


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