Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Why is it that most shows, large or small, are being held in Las Vegas these days?

I'll be off to Vegas in a couple of weeks for the AWMA--a wholesaler's show--at the Las Vegas Hilton. Right after that show the next week is GlobalShop and the Exhibitor's Show. Earlier this year, Home Builder's (IBS), Surfaces, National Grocers and the huge CES show all opened and called Vegas home for a few days. Some are there every year, others rotate in annually or every two years, but always seem to make it to Sin City.

Why is this? Well, accessibility of one: direct flights from just about anywhere. Cabs are plentiful as are rental cars and free parking.

Weather, particularly in January--where would you rather be in the Dead of Winter--heating the floor so tape will stick in Chicago or in a place where you might just go to the pool when your shift is finished?

Labor? Well, there are labor limits, but the pool is large and well trained.

Entertainment? Absolutely! Gaming, music, shows, natural wonders all close by.

Food? Lots to choose from and in a broad area.

Whatever the reason, commerce is alive and well in Vegas. Chances are you have at least one show there this year.


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