Friday, March 20, 2009

The coffee guy

At the American Wholesale Marketers Association's (AWMA) Real Deal Expo in Las Vegas, this innovated twist on an attention-getting device was sighted.

The exhibiting company was MeWantCaffeine and this guy wandered the aisles before show hours, tanking up exhibitors and early show walkers with hot coffee.

Really, that is a tank of coffee on his back. The gent was armed with cups and cream and sugar as well and made sure his contacts knew who he was and where to find his booth.

They did all of it right: gave their contacts what they wanted and needed at the early hour, had a consistent image, and armed their strolling soldier with the messages that met their show goals.

Nice tune, easy to dance to, I give it an 85.



Ray said...

the picture is good

Adam said...

nice picture

Ben said...

hey not forget to mention its a great article too