Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aviall Exhibits at EBACE

The 10th annual European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) ended its three-day conference earlier this month in Geneva, Switzerland. Our colleague, Gary Donatell of Freeman Exhibits, was there with Aviall. He filed this report for our blog.

The exhibition was sold out and 11,174 attended the event.There was a general air of optimism that the global industry’s economic outlook is on the upswing, EBACE reported. Event organizers also pointed to positive signs, such as the sense of enthusiasm among exhibitors and attendees.

Aviall continues to increase their presence at this show, while being very budget conscious. The roughly 20' x 20' exhibit is twice the size of their exhibit in 2009.

“I would categorize their display as a rental ‘custom turn-key’ exhibit,” Gary said. He goes on to report that the budget for this exhibit, not including graphic design and production provided by Zachry and Associates, and transportation of the white fabric cube was US$25K. This total includes the 7.6% VAT.

This works out to about $62.50 per square foot, and represents a real value in today's economy. Consider that recent industry studies even put stateside rentals at twice that number, this makes international exhibiting seem affordable.

“Speaking of the white fabric cube,” Gary continued. "It has become an icon that Aviall uses at various trade shows they attend. At EBACE, there were restrictions on hanging anything from the ceiling, so the booth had to be designed to have it rest on top of the exhibit. It worked out nicely.”

Thanks, Gary. We’ll pass on your report on the whole show in a future post.


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