Friday, May 7, 2010

Putting Together an Exhibit from Stray Pieces, Part V: It Comes To Life

We finally made it to the NACStech show. The concept is now reality.

The idea of taking truss and enveloping it in fabric is an idea that really has merit. While it still has its challenges, it is a way to revitalize standard-looking properties and turn them into something customized for the client.

By including zippers, this could become even more tailored to specific business units.

Adding lighting gives it all another dimension.

The upside:
  • You can achieve a different look with a simple fabric sleeve
  • It weighs a lot less than a traditional hard-structure booth
  • The size of the shipment is reduced

The downside:
  • Lots of small pieces and that can be a trap for crews not used to assembling modular exhibits.
  • Limits on where monitors and accessories can be placed
  • Can tear if not cut and grommetted correctly
  • Have to be cleaned and steamed

The partners on this project include the following people and organizations. These projects can only be accomplished by cooperation and good work done in a timely fashion.
  • Retalix, the client, and Dar Hackbarth, their Director of Marketing Communications
  • The Taylor Group, Dallas, led by Tim Hampton, for the management of the exhibit properties and the basic idea that was suggested to the client
  • FSD, Dan Hughes' company in Denver, who produced the actual fabric "sleeves"
  • Zachry Associates' lead designer, Danny Flanagan, for the design concept and translation of the Retalix brand
This was a fun project and one that shows that imagination, even in its simplest form, is alive and well in the exhibit industry.


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