Thursday, May 6, 2010

Report from the Field: NACStech 2010, Surviving the Verticalization of Trade Shows?

From the one-day set to the shrinking number of exhibitors, this is NACStech 2010. This show really is a good slice of the technology pie from C-Stores, but for some reason, lacks the high-end support it needs to be sustained.

I hope that changes.

The future of trade shows, in my opinion, is in being vertical. At one time, healthcare had broad-based, horizontal shows like AHA (American Hospital Association). Now the focus (as the industry itself has shifted) to many verticals: healthcare construction, devices, medications, treatments, management and so on.

Why can't convenience and grocery be treated the same way?

Sure, from an exhibit supplier standpoint, this isn't really what works with the model. We all want large exhibits to build, ship, dray and set up. Truth is, the exhibit industry customer wants to see more prospects, suspects and existing clients by spending their dollars in a clearly focused fashion.

Do more smaller shows better and reach more clients? What a concept!

Why not C-Stores?


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