Saturday, January 10, 2009


One hundred. 100. One-zero-zero. A C-note. A 10x10 booth. CWT.

I know in the realm of blogging, 100 isn't a lot. But the number 100 has significance in the trade show industry.

A 10x10 booth, the basic building block unit of a trade show floor, is 100 square feet. Everything on a floor is based upon this. Most exhibitors start with a 10x10 and work up. One hundred is where we all start.

CWT. Hundred weight. The basic unit of material handling. Whether it's single digits or over $100 per hundred weight, we all pay the general contractor in this unit to move our stuff from the dock to our booth. Still the most controversial and disliked concept and charge in the industry.

A C-note. We're all trying to save $100s from our budgets these days.

You can't get away from those 100s. Here's to the next 100.

Lesson Learned: we all have to start somewhere. Thanks for reading


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