Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Make a list, check it twice

I know, I know, Christmas is past and Santa's gig of checking on good little girls and boys is done. However, today I was reminded by a friend of the importance of correct (and checked) manifests.

Make sure what you want at the show in time for set up is shipped. And you have a list to prove it.

When your exhibit house (or whomever is packing and shipping your display) sends you a manifest to review--DO IT! The more eyes that look at something, the less chance you will have counter tops or the wrong graphics shipped to show site. And, if at all possible, visit the exhibit house and physically review the shipment.

In my reminder talk today, my friend told me of the wrong graphics being shipped--well, supposedly. The portable display has two sets of graphics and one frame. When the one shipped graphic set arrived on show site, the set up guy opened the box and saw a photo of the other set (the incorrect set) of graphics. He didn't check the contents of the container, but called and asked (and received) the second set in a counter-to-counter shipment. This needs to be looked at from two points of view: always check the actual contents (don't assume) and double check the shipment before it leaves the warehouse. Kudos, however, to the exhibit company for the quick response to save this show, regardless.

Lesson Learned: check, recheck and receive and recheck.


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