Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Set up instructions

I was talking with a client/friend of mine this morning and comparing notes on trade shows. He told me of something that is probably maddening to more than one of you out there.

Ineffective set up instructions.

Really now, can we NOT have the engineers who design most portable or pop-up exhibit systems write or create the set up instructions? Apparently the set up drawings with my friend's Nomadic portable covered nearly every conceivable configuration that could be had with the exhibit--that is, if he had purchased and owned every conceivable configuration? Why can't the instructions fit the model and pieces you buy and are going to use?

For example, this Manhattan phone book of instructions said things like "ignore steps g, h and i if you have x-type lights; if you have y-type lights, please see steps, l, m and q." Come on, guys, learn from HP and others--pack a simple sheet that says: "open box, attach panels and lights, and set up. Plug in lights. Do reverse to take down."

Do we have to make things complex to show they add value?

Lesson Learned: simpler is better and be direct and to the point. works for set ups as well as booths staff training.


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