Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plan some down time

As we enter this new year, don't forget to find time for you. I realize that we all live busy lives when we're on show site and, actually, all of the time leading up to and following a show. But one does need to recharge one's batteries or all of your work could be moot.

After a few years of traveling to shows, I finally declared that I would see things to make the trip somewhat mine. Whenever I was in a city with a MLB ballpark and it was the season, I would always make a point to take a cab to the park and buy a ticket, if even for a few innings. I've probably seen half of all of the parks in MLB this way. And I did it within my per diem for the day!

At any rate, whether it's museums or ballparks or a meal at that restaurant in Atlanta you always wanted to try, make sure you take time for you.

Lesson Learned: don't let your batteries run down and expand your mind at the same time.


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