Sunday, January 11, 2009

Detroit Auto Show

The beat goes on with examples of why trade shows are important and the place to be:

The International Auto Show opens in Detroit today.

What with the US auto industry bailout being in the news and with technology being what it is--ever changing--what better place to be to either exhibit and market your products or be on the floor and in the hall to hear (and be a part of) the buzz.

Case in point: newspapers across the land today are featuring stories of the new models and events of the show. Well, the do it every year, but this year brings a new spin or slant: what are the participants doing to make it work for them. In the weekend editions of the Dallas Morning News have been stories of how the exhibitors are saving money by foregoing special rollouts and assembling their stands in part off site. The dealers are also being interviewed and, of course, the models making their debuts at the show are being featured.

The best quote so far from those stories has been this: Jim Smith, a Saturn dealer in Lewisville, Texas, is quoted as saying he is "keeping his eye on the Detroit auto show for clues about the future of the industry."

That alone should sum up the importance of an industry show to the industry members.

You should be able to translate Mr. Smith's approach and sentiments to your industry. If you're in the retail industry, tomorrow's opening of the NRF show in New York is most likely the focus of your business life right now. Same for the home builders with IBS just about to open. And let's not forget Shot Show for the hunting and outdoor recreation industry. Take a look and a listen even if you can't go and take the pulse of your world of business.

Lesson Learned: understand the place of trade shows in your industry and markets to be ahead of the curve.


Special thannks to the Dallas Morning News.

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