Friday, January 9, 2009

Size doesn't really matter.....

.......but the size of the effort does.

Today's case in point is the Dallas Business Journal's outreach to the DFW business community. While this may be a small exhibit, it plays by all of the rules to make it work and produce results for it's owners. What more could a committed exhibit marketer ask for?

This is about as simple as it gets: a table drape, samples of the products, an offer for a prize, a place to collect cards (leads) and a staffer to ask questions and engage prospects.

This miniature set up works for them: the outsides sales folks have quotas of subscriptions to make and they apparently not only meet those quotas, but exceed them. They probably hit 2 to 6 events a week in the Metroplex and come away with a combination of new subscribers and convert readers (the word is the DBJ outsells the Dallas Morning News' Business section). They hit chambers of commerce events, sporting events, association meetings and other expos. They have a prominent place in the business community and this little bitty exhibit plays a consistent role in that.

Lesson Learned: the rules apply regardless of size.


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