Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be polite

Just remember, words can wound.

A friend just related to me a story about how a client "tore them a new one." Just went off the deep end over a few details of things that didn't go right on a show.

Well, we all strive for perfection. However, in this world you need to be realistic about expectations and also about what is really necessary.

Tearing into someone and having a temper tantrum is just bad manners. Besides, before you blow up at your vendor/partner/TSM, remember these items:

  • Is the problem fatal and will it stop the show?
  • Is it costly beyond the budget?
  • Does anybody but you and the person you are cutting up notice?
  • Will it keep you from doing business?
  • Will it damage your or your company's reputation?
  • Can it be fixed before the show opens?

Just stop and think. Remember your manners and that your primary purpose on the show site it to make sure the show happens.

Lesson Learned: you attract more flies with honey.


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