Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't just do things to drive revenue

An open letter to exhibit service companies:

I heard a story today from one of your customers. They had a simple request to have some advice (verbal and/or written) given to them. And all you could do was try and manipulate the situation so that you could make a sale. Send your guy to do the installation was what you suggested.

Hmmm...could maybe you have found a way to make them feel good about the work that was being to done to their exhibit which you built? that could have paid dividends in the long run. But, no, you had to find a way to get them to pay cash for something that should be a good will effort that will pay off (bigger, usually) in the future.

OK, exhibit producers, designers, service providers: I realize that this is about making money. But do you want to make a little bit now or more over the long haul?

Lesson Learned: be polite to your clients, find the best solution for them and be sure and say thank you.


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