Tuesday, March 11, 2008

At the Exhibitor's Show, Day 2: Using Surveys

This seminar is one of the key reasons I came to this show: to learn how to apply my company's services to the world of exhibitry. Ian Sequeira of Exhibit Surveys was the presenter. Again, a full house and a good discussion. Less audience participation and dry slides, but a good, informative discussion.

Ian spoke of process mostly. He gave formulas and statistics and few real-world examples. However, the equations seem to work. His point was "why do you do survey work?" and "you should be doing survey work" even at a simple level. The more you know about your audience, the more you can target and get your messages to the right people. The results of even a simple post-show survey (the easiest to do) will help you shape your exhibit, demos and staff training.

Utilizing lists from the show promoter will allow you to survey the bigger picture: memorability, overall character of the show. Specific data from your own booth leads will help you understand your staff effectiveness and specific client needs.

His process maps and formulas are useful and good arrows to have in your quiver of resources.

His summary: determine the objective, apply the appropriate methodology, measure the effectiveness and act upon the results.

Lesson learned: anything can be measured and should be.


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