Friday, March 14, 2008

Leaving the Exhibitor's Show

This was a great time spent. Spent with colleagues, friends and acquaintances talking and learning about an industry and work we believe in, love and respect.

It gave me the opportunity to reconnect. Thanks, Joel, Steve, Skip, Jeff and others for taking the time to converse. Renewing friendships and connections are incredibly important in this industry, as it is elsewhere.

It gave me the opportunity to learn. Thanks Katharine, Ed, Corbin, Jim, Scott and the others for reinforcing that I need to understand my business (and that of my clients) before I can craft messages and delivering and measuring credible results. I'm glad to see the concepts of brand, measurement, messaging, engagement beside the industry buzzwords of logistics, I&D, drayage, design and fabrication. While they have always been there for many, it wasn't always the case in days gone by. At least not at the pervasive level I saw here.

It gave me the chance to meet new people. Thanks, Donna, Karen, Luise, Lauren, Kim and the others I met in classes and at parties and receptions. Thanks for talking with me and I hope our paths cross many times in the future.

It gave me the chance to renew and recharge. I learned again the passion I have for communication and translation of ideas. It was fun to talk about how to craft the message, how to measure the result, what product would work in that application, who can get something done in time and all those other things that make this a fun and interesting industry and career.

Lesson learned: this business, business and life are about relationships.


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