Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's nice to be the guest. We've had some good times with gracious hosts at Exhibitor's Show this year. And when you're being hosted by the best people in the world who know how to do this, even better.

MG Design put on a really nice evening for guests, clients and staff at a Vegas cooking school. Bussed to the site, we were treated to wine and a full-course Italian meal that we helped prepare. A nice evening with great people. Thank you Liese, Gail, Marci, Kris and the whole MG team for including us in a very nice and professional evening.

The ExhibitGroup party on Monday evening was also very nice. More traditional in that it was a cocktail party, EG took over Revolution at Mirage for most of the evening. Good reconnecting with our friends from both EG and SDD and others that were guests. Thank you James, Bob, Gerry, Jeff J, and the whole EG team.

(And EG: thanks for the ride from the airport on the courtesy shuttle. I appreciated that a whole lot)

Lessons learned: Partying with party professionals is a great experience. This really is an industry of relationships and people.

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