Friday, March 21, 2008

Walking the AS3 Show

This show is aimed at the aircraft maintenance audience. Held annually each March, this show has reduced in size in recent years because of, I'm told, a split between associations.

The largest players at this show, by exhibit size, are Chevron, Phillips-Conoco, Simple Green, AV Fuel, Dallas Airmotive, PPC, Corridor, Deutz, FMC and TLD. A mixed bag of exhibits, it ranged from the small 10x10s jammed with parts washers to the elegent, simple exhibits with a clearly, cleanly labeled engine on a stand.

This is a three-day show that should probably be a two-day show as the last day is a tomb, according to the exhibitors. Another example of a show with fewer attendees but those that do attend are focused and serious.

Lesson Learned: this is a good example of sizing your booth to the audience and the show. A 10x10 can have as much impact with a prepared staff as a 20x30 without a theme or targeted program.

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