Saturday, March 8, 2008

Final words on Heli Expo

Our trip to Heli Expo in Houston was worthwhile. The purpose for going was to:

  • Discover the basic layout and flow of the show
  • Learn the major players
  • Experience the event
  • Discern how our clients fit into the show

The high-level analysis of the show:
  • Over 500 exhibitors
  • Halls A thru E of George Brown Convention Center (500,000 square feet)
  • Major players mixed in with smaller exhibitors throughout the hall
  • Exhibits open 19 hours over three days
Things to do going forward with regard to this show (or other shows requiring evaluation):
  • Analyze the show before arriving
    • Attendees
    • Competitors
    • Marketplace
  • Do survey work on the show floor
    • Measure attendee’s opinions
    • Understand memorability
  • Post-show analysis
    • Number of leads and classification
    • Time-to-purchase decision
This was a good one-day show example and there will be more to learn from as time progresses. Will attedn teh AS3 show in Dallas with this same client later this month.


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