Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting to the point

I was at a presentation today that was about communicating with your audience. Within the presentation was a discussion of how to reach the Y Gen'ers in the workforce. Thinking in threes (I like that, you know), the speaker emphasized that communication to this audience should:

1. Summarize
2. Be concise
3. Be written for scanning

These three thoughts fit trade show graphics and the trade show space precisely.

Graphics should always be a summary of the benefits of your product or offering or message, not a wholesale posting of the latest thick PowerPoint slide from some internal company briefing.

They need to be concise and most likely bullet points and a single photo that get to the point quickly as you only have seconds to capture the showgoer's attention as they walk by your booth.

Created so they can be scanned. Again, this is about getting someone's attention and starting a conversation.

Graphics are only a part of the equation along with the booth structure and the booth staff. Each plays a clear role (along with pre- and post-show promotion) in reaching the audience you want at your shows.


(Thanks to Scott Cytron, Pierpont Communications; this was borrowed from his 3/28/08 presentation to the NIRI Dallas Chapter)

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