Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At the Exhibitor's Show, Day 3: Exhibiting Strategically

Plan carefully. Execute aggressively. Follow up thoroughly.

There we are--back to thinking in threes. Marc Goldberg's presentation on exhibiting strategically left me with those three thoughts. Good stuff to remember. Actually, memories to be brought back.

The good news is that guys like Marc are still on the program. He really knows his stuff. The not so good news is--does it still fit with the tone of where trade shows and events are going? I think it's a part of it, but it can't be the focus. There is a tone that is old school. That's okay, but we have to temper that with the movement we feel toward the greater good and the whole of what we, as marketers, have to do in the selling environment.

The whole feeling of this conference is one of change. Change in who we are as exhibit and events people. What we do in relation to the whole program that a client or our companies expect of us. This might be overstating the obvious, but it is true. And I suppose it comes down to the old line we throw around on this blog every now and then--it's not about the both.

Anyway, Marc's content was good and presentation solid. But I'm not sure where it fits into the whole of this program.

Lesson learned: knowledge is something acquired over time and to be respected, but times changes and we need to be dynamic.


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