Friday, March 14, 2008

At the Exhibitor's Show, Day 5: Exhibit Design, Concept to Completion

The process of conceiving, designing and producing a trade show exhibit can be complicated and daunting. Jim Anderson, founder and principal in Steelhead Productions in Washington State, outlined the process he has used for years in this class.

Jim was the most professorial presenter I had seen (though I am sure there are others) at Exhibitor's. Thorough and complete, his explanation of the process and examples helped the large group on this last day and kept us engaged. He talked about how you take the Big Idea (combining specific objectives with corporate culture and image) and match it to Function and Design and how it will interact with The Human Element in and shape the space. During this journey, he weaves in the reality of budgets (he provides a small-medium-large estimation with examples) and investment (how long should/will it last?) with creativity (how to choose and engage a designer). Jim is also a big believer in lighting as a tool of engagement and his designs (and budgets) reflect that.

Overall, this was a helpful and, for the most part, engaging presentation. Thanks, Jim.

Lesson learned: the creative process doesn't have to be stifled by budget or business requirements.


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